Find your strenght in nature

Let it nurture, reduce stress, increase wellbeing

Fell the difference with nature assisted therapy

Thuri Kledal, Reg. Nature Threapist & Biologist @ Naturrefugium


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Body Movement and all your Senses

We facilitate a break from technology. Feel, sense, take notice of your body and your interactions with the surroundings

Symptoms evaporate

With every step you take

Everything seems easier

Only the most important stays with you

Everything is okay


When your thoughts become less noticeable - creativity starts swarming

Nature Connection

You are 100% dependent on nature and nature depends on you - you are part of the natural ecosystem and will be affected by all seasons

Nature Assisted Therapy helps you get a healthy life, to live in harmony with you and the world arround you

Getting the change - choose a natural epigenic bath emerged in vibrant nature

Naturrefugium TM 

Bringer naturen tættere på dig og dig tættere på naturen, så du på alle planer får det fulde udbytte af livet


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